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  • Feathers and beats were found in the team’s checking, the sounds of gutter-gum were also coming from the fall ceiling of the umbrellas

Now pigeons have put their leg in the rejuvenation of the General Hospital. The team which visited here on Wednesday to change the physique of the hospital, also found pigeons on the roofs of the patients’ rooms. Pigeon feathers and dirt were also found inside the rooms and above the windows.

It is not that the hospital was not aware of this, despite knowing that there were such situations. The hospital knew that if the numbers were cut in the checking, it would be because of these pigeons. After which now work has to be started to remove these pigeons from here.

In fact, on Tuesday, a team of doctors from Ambala visited the General Hospital, Sector 6, under the rejuvenation campaign. During this team ASMO Dr. Anurag, District Quality Manager Vishal, Anudeep and Dr. Shalini was involved.

On behalf of the hospital, PMO Dr. Suveer Saxena, Dr. Rita Kalra, Dr. Manisha, Dr. Arvind Sehgal was also present. Who did quality checking in General Hospital. During this, checking was also done on different wards, floors of the hospital.

Dr. Rita Kalra told that this time Kayakalp’s team has got better arrangements than before. A lot of patients were admitted during the Karena period. Even after spraying medicines, the sign bars were removed from the walls, which were repaired.

Still, the quality in Sector-6 General Hospital got better than 2020

This time, of course, the number can be cut by taking pigeons in the hospital, but this year more quality has been found than last year. Last year, a lot of Covid patients were admitted, spray was being done everywhere. Due to which the color was blown off the walls. Where sign boards were installed for the convenience of the patients, they were uprooted.

Due to the spray of medicine, the color of even the cabinets became pale. At the same time, now sign boards were installed for the patients again in the hospital. Everywhere the walls were repaired, now only those places are left where the dampness has come. For which work is going on. The first prize of Rs 50 lakh has been received twice for the rejuvenation of the General Hospital of Panchkula.

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