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  • Divorced NRI Wife Became The Half Mistress Of The Precious Flat In TDI City Of Mahali With Fake Papers, If She Wanted To Sell It In Jalandhar, Then The Secret Was Revealed.

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The police have registered a case against the accused divorced NRI wife, her second husband and father-in-law. – symbolic photo

divorced NRI Wife remarried and then together with second husband and father-in-law, first husband’s Tuscan residency in Mohali TDI Became the owner of half of the precious flat of Infratech Ltd. For this the agreement was rigged. However, when he reached the real owner’s house through a property dealer to sell it, his secret got exposed. The NRI wing of Punjab Police investigated it and then registered a case against the wife, her new husband and father-in-law.

Flat in TDI City was taken in the name of son

Satinder Singh Dhillon, a resident of Jalandhar Kunj, told that he is a Canadian citizen. His son Sandeep Dhillon was married to Baljit Kaur. About 4 years ago, they got divorced legally in Canada itself. After the divorce, Baljit married Sukhraj Bahadur Singh, a native of Imperial City, Loharka Road, Amritsar. Sukhraj also lives in Canada. in the name of his son in Mohali TDI There is 3 bedroom flat number 294 in City Sector 110-111.

Fake mistress of half flat, got documents removed, found out after returning to Jalandhar

He accused Baljit Kaur, her second husband Sukhraj Bahadur and father-in-law Gurdeep Singh of taking the documents of this flat from somewhere. After which Baljeet Kaur was told as a common buyer with the son. Then his father-in-law Gurdeep put this flat for sale. When he came to Jalandhar Kunj from Canada, his caretaker Shamsher Singh told that two persons had come and said that Baljit Kaur’s father-in-law Gurdeep Singh wanted to sell half of that flat. If they also sell their share, they will buy the entire flat. Then they understood that forgery had been done for half of the flat.

If the investigation of the police was shared in the agreement, then why the registry was not done in the common name?

Police said in the investigation report that Baljeet Kaur had taken the original agreement of the flat with her while leaving the house after divorce. After which he also signed himself under Sandeep Dhillon. then collude TDI Got the record out and put the flat for sale. According to the police, the possession of this flat is with Sandeep Dhillon and the registry is also in his name only. If both were joint owners, the registry should have been in the name of both.


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