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The number of passengers at Surat airport has started increasing after the cases of Corona have decreased. After SpiceJet, IndiGo has increased its number of flights. IndiGo officials at Surat Airport told that from July 20, flights to Chennai, from July 23 to Hyderabad, Goa and Bangalore will start.

From July 20, the Chennai-Surat-Chennai flight will operate, which will fly three days a week i.e. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This flight will arrive from Chennai to Surat at 18.40 hrs and will depart from Surat to Chennai at 18.10 hrs. Along with this, the daily flight of Hyderabad-Surat-Hyderabad will operate from July 23.

This flight will arrive Hyderabad to Surat at 14.20 hrs and will depart from Surat to Hyderabad at 14.50 hrs. The Bangalore-Surat-Goa-Surat-Bengaluru flight will operate from the same day i.e. 23rd July. This flight will fly on Monday, Friday and Sunday i.e. three days a week. From Bangalore to Surat at 14.10 hrs will reach Goa at 15.10 hrs.

After this, it will reach Surat at 18.39 hrs and go to Bangalore at 19.00 hrs. Surat airport director Aman Saini said that 29 thousand passengers had moved in June due to the decrease in the cases of Corona. In which 14,545 passengers arrived and 14,036 passengers departed from Surat. With this, 292 flights took off.

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