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Like Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Gujarat Technological University (GTU) also entrusted the responsibility of conducting the online examination to a private company. As a result, the result of 4000 students was withheld. Now the examination of these students will be conducted again.

GTU got the examination of more than 1.5 lakh students from across the state through this private company. There were many problems like not login during the exam, due to technical error, the exam was stopped in the middle and there were many problems like logout before time.

When the students complained about this to GTU, the results of the examination were withheld. Despite the students getting upset and wasting time, GTU says that no action has been taken against the company so far. However, taking lessons, such mistakes will not be repeated in the upcoming examinations.

The examination was conducted by the university in all the technical colleges of Gujarat. Based on the consent of the students, their examination will be re-taken. The students had complained to their colleges with roll numbers.

The major problems faced by the students were

  • could not login
  • technical error in exam
  • Logout before the completion of the exam

GTU: Many students had problems with internet and device
GTU withheld their results on the complaint of the students, but later removed their own mistake. The university says that we got the problems investigated, in which it was found that the problem of many students was due to their internet and device. After that the students were talked to. The students who did not consent to the release of the result, their examination will be taken again.

Company’s mistake in many places, but no action was taken

  • During the online examination, students have faced problems at many places. In some places, the technical problem has come from the company conducting the examination. However, no action has been taken against the company. Lessons will be learned from the problems that have arisen. Such mistakes will not happen again. Naveen Seth, Vice Chancellor, GTU

False claim here too: University admits mistake was made in awarding the contract

Told high typing rate low, canceled the contract of Surya Offset Company

Surat| The contract for printing the question paper of Surya Offset Company, which has failed in the online examination of one lakh students, has been cancelled. The decision was taken in the Syndicate meeting. This action against the company was taken on the basis of the report of the inquiry committee. The University had constituted a 3-member inquiry committee against Surya Offset Company on the complaint of Pinto Graphie Company of Mumbai. The committee said in its report that the work of printing the question paper should not have been given to Surya Offset Company. Surya Offset Printing Company of Ahmedabad and Pinto Graphi of Mumbai were also among the companies that filled the tender for printing the question paper. The contract was awarded to Surya Offset.​

  • New tender process will be done after 3 months: There were 13 conditions in the tender for printing the question paper. In this, the rate was to be fixed on the basis of typing, lining and paper size. The rate of typing of Surya Offset was higher than the rate of Pinto Graphie Company of Mumbai, yet he was awarded the contract.
  • One committee said it right, the other wrong: Syndicate member Bhavesh Rabari told that the inquiry committee has been formed twice. The first committee upheld the claim of Surya Offset. When Pinto Graphi complained, then the committee formed said that the contract was wrong.

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