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In Gurgaon, a person was cheated in the name of plot.

  • Fraud with a person living in Mumbai

In Gurgaon, a case of cheating of 30 lakh rupees from a person in the name of plot has come to light. It is alleged that after taking Rs. According to the complaint, the builder took around Rs 30 lakh from him by showing the approval of the project in the documents. At the time of registration of the sold plot, the builder kept on evading one or the other excuse. When the victim demanded the money back from the builder, he refused. Sector-56 police station has started investigation by registering a case on the basis of the complaint.

Shashi Prakash, originally a resident of Jhajjar, told that he lives in Mumbai. To make his home in Gurugram, he started looking for a builder through an online website. She showed her interest in Lotus Dream Project and a project Lotus Mother’s Blessing Project in the developer’s village Ghamdoj. Contacted on the mobile number of a woman named Soni given on the website. Through this he booked a plot of 250 yards. Taking a flight, he came to Gurugram in March 2020 and while booking the plot, gave about 30 lakh rupees to the builder and fixed the date of registration.

It is alleged that the builder did not reach the prescribed registry date after taking Rs. After this the lockdown was imposed due to which the registry remained pending. He talked through Soni and fixed August for the registry with the builder, but the builder did not get the registry done even on this day, citing the excuse of his wife being ill on the re-scheduled registry date.

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