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  • People Put Their Deposits, Now The Office Is Locked, The Accused Absconded With Lakhs Of Rupees

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These cards were issued by the company for transactions.

  • Doubt – more people may be victims, fraud of crores of rupees may be exposed
  • So far 15 people have registered a case in Sarthana police station.

A case of cheating of lakhs of rupees has come to the fore by luring the scheme to double the money. This fraud has been done on behalf of a company named Royal View AK Group. People got trapped in this scheme without thinking and invested lakhs of rupees. After this, this company escaped by locking its office.

On Wednesday, 15 people lodged a case at Sarthana police station after discovering the fraud. At present, the investigation of this matter has been handed over to the Economic Cell. According to the people, many attractive offers were given by the company. Not only double the money, but also the lure of traveling to Thailand and Bangkok was given.

The operator of Royal View, Alpesh Keedecha, lured different workers and employees from lace-strip workers to his net by luring them to double the money. Many people had also invested their hard earned money in it. An office was also opened in Yogi Chowk so that people do not have any doubts. Now after the closure of the office, people are feeling cheated.

The more money you invest, the bigger profit you will get: accused

The complainant Lalit Vaghasiya told that the accused used to ask people to invest between Rs 100000 to 500000. Alpesh used to tell that the more money you deposit, the more profit will be there. The schemes ranged from doubling the money and many more.

According to Lalit, money was returned to some people in the beginning 1 to 2 months. This increased the trust of the people and many people also deposited money from their acquaintances. According to 15 people who complained, Rs 34 lakh has been deposited.

Makes girls aware of investment in big hotels

The complainant told the police that the accused used various tactics to lure people and show his dominance. He used to get information about investments through girls in different hotels of the city or in any big place outside the city. He also used to spend a lot of money behind this, due to which people started increasing trust in him. Because of this, the people who had invested earlier also got the people of their acquaintances to invest and everyone got stuck.

The employees of the company also escaped by trapping

The accused Alpesh used to ask the employees working with him to bring customers also. Manish Modi, who worked as an accountant in AK Group, told that at the behest of Alpesh, he had got 500000 rupees invested from his friends. In the year 2020, he closed the company after the lockdown. When his friends who invested came to know about this, now they are asking me for money. Manish told that now I have to pay money.

One has also committed suicide due to lack of money

On 21 January 2021, Nilesh Babu Bhai Gangani committed suicide in a hotel in Ankleshwar. His brother Haresh Gangani tells that when he checked the mobile, a suicide note was found on it. It was written that Rs 19 lakh is to be taken from Alpesh, the owner of Royal View AK company, but is refusing to give. That’s why I am committing suicide. Many times an attempt was made to register a case in the Ankleshwar police station but they were not heard there.

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