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Rats gnawed two dead bodies in two days in the post-mortem room of the Civil Hospital. On Wednesday, when the body of an elderly woman was gnawed by rats, the family created a ruckus. On Thursday again the body of a young man was gnawed by rats. The family created a ruckus about this. The body was that of 25-year-old Rishit Javeri. He was an engineer. His father had died 6 months ago. He was tensed about this matter. He was also facing financial crunch.

For this reason, he committed suicide by hanging himself at home on Wednesday night. His body was kept in the post-mortem room of the Civil Hospital. The right hand of the dead body was gnawed by rats. The family raged. The RMO of the hospital told the family that this problem would be resolved soon. After persuading the family, the matter was resolved. Rishit Zaveri was a resident of Gokul Row House at Parle Point. He hanged himself in the house late on Wednesday night by making a noose of a sheet from the fan. He was an engineer, but was working as a labor contractor. After the death of his father from Corona, he was going through financial crisis. Rishit Zaveri’s friends told that he was hardworking. Work had stopped in Corona. He was going through a financial crisis.

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