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Five people including a woman present on the spot were arrested.

There was a ruckus once again in Khori Colony on Monday. In protest against the sabotage, about two hundred and fifty people took to the streets and blocked the Delhi-Faridabad road near the shooting range. On getting information about the jam, the hands of the police swelled. When the policemen who reached the spot tried to remove them, the people started pelting stones. After this, the police dispersed the crowd by lathi-charge. Five people including a woman present on the spot were arrested. The police have registered a case against 14 named people for inciting the crowd by giving provocative speeches there under various sections including rioting, violating the Kovid guidelines. On the other hand, the police has denied the incident of lathi-charge.

According to the information, at around seven o’clock on Monday morning, when the demolition squad of the Municipal Corporation was going for sabotage in Khori Colony, two and a half three hundred people gathered on Delhi Faridabad Road in front of Sai Mandir and blocked the road. The police reached the information and dispersed the people using force. Policemen Yogesh, Javed, who were present on the spot, arrested four people, including a woman, with the help of other policemen. Policemen say that there were nine such people in the crowd who were instigating the crowd. The arrested accused have been identified as Chand Mohd, Mohammad Hassan, Deepak Kumar, Amit Kumar and the woman has been identified as Rabina’s wife Late Mohammad Afsar. All of them live in different areas of Khori Colony.

Case filed against these people also

Police said that during interrogation it was also revealed that Purani Khori’s Pradhan Rashid, Pradhan Brahm, Pradhan Ramdas, Aya Pradhan, Mausim Khan, Rehman Mulla, Samsu Pradhan, Iqbal and Imamuddin were giving provocative speeches by gathering the crowd. The said accused fled taking advantage of the crowd. They are being searched.

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