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1999: On the instructions of Balasaheb, he remained Chief Minister for 7 months.

Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Narayan Rane joined the Modi cabinet on Wednesday. Rane, who started his political career with Shiv Sena, has also lived in the Congress party for a long time. In 2018, he left the Congress. Rane was once considered very close to Balasaheb. Rane is said to have been a street fighter in Mumbai before joining politics.

Rane was associated with ‘Harya-Narya’ group in the 60s
Narayan Rane was born on April 10, 1952 in Maharashtra. According to the English newspaper ‘DNA’, in the 60s, Narayan Rane was associated with the ‘Harya-Narya’ gang operating in Chembur area of ​​Mumbai. Rane, who ran a chicken shop, was also a ‘Street Fighter’. A case of murder was also registered against him at Ghatla police station in Mumbai. During that time a film named ‘Harya-Narya Zindabad’ was also made. According to police records, when Narayan Rane was 14 years old, he was brutally thrashed by another active member of the gang, Madhav Thakur. After attaining majority, Rane joined Shiv Sena and became the shakha chief. After that Rane became a councilor from Shiv Sena.

Political Journey of Narayan Rane
Narayan Rane was in Shiv Sena before joining Congress. Recently, on the completion of his 65 years, he had said that Narayan Rane got recognition because of Balasaheb Thackeray.

1968: Joined Shiv Sena at the age of 16.
1985 to 1990: Became councilor of Shiv Sena, then became president of BEST.
1990-95: Became MLA for the first time. Meanwhile, he also became a member of the Legislative Council.
1996-99: Became Revenue Minister in Shiv Sena-BJP power.

1999: On the instructions of Balasaheb, he remained Chief Minister for 7 months. 2005: Left Shiv Sena on 3 July 2005 and joined Congress after differences with Uddhav Thackeray. He also became the Revenue Minister in Congress. 2007: Contested Vilasrao Deshmukh, the then Chief Minister of Congress. 2009: Became the Industries Minister of Maharashtra. 2014: Resigned from his ministerial post after the defeat of his son Nilesh in the Lok Sabha elections.

Hence the separation from Shiv Sena
Political experts say that the separation between Narayan Rane and Shiv Sena came because of familyism. It was 18 years ago when Narayan Rane was the Chief Minister. After occupying the post of CM for almost nine months, there was a tussle between Rane and Bal Thackeray’s son Uddhav. Rane was called the remote controlled CM of Shiv Sena. It was being said that the real reins were taking over Uddhav at that time. After this the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance lost the election and Rane became the Leader of the Opposition. In 2005, Rane was expelled from the party by Bal Thackeray saying, “I have the right to remove and choose the leader in Shiv Sena.” At that time it was said that Balasaheb Thackeray had separated Narayan Rane from the party because of his son’s attachment.

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