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For the state level boxing championship, the trials of the players were taken on Wednesday. Players participated in junior and youth categories and 15 players were selected in different weight categories. Starting at 6:00 am at Gurgaon Boxing and Sports Academy, the first day was attended by the players in the weight category under the girls category and then after document verification.

On Thursday, the trials for boys’ category will be held. In junior girls category, Prachi in 48-50 kg weight category, Arya Pandit in 50-52 weight category, Yamini in 52-54 weight category, Aanchal Saini in 54-57 kg weight category, Kanika Mann in 57-60 weight category, 60 Priya has been selected in -65 weight category, Rudrika in 66-70 weight category and Chelsea in 80 plus. In youth girls category, Deepika in 51-54 kg weight category, Preeti in 54-57, Khushi in 60-63, Muskan in 63-66, Sanjana in 75-81 and Urja Arya in 81 plus.

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