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  • Now The Vice Chancellor Will Be Able To Remain Till The Age Of 65, The New Rule Of Online Copying Has Been Approved

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Bhavesh Rabari reached the meeting wearing a banner of protest

  • Two senior members clashed for giving speech in English

Following the order of the Gujarat government, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University has approved the new education policy by convening a special Senate meeting on Saturday. It has become the first university in Gujarat to implement the New Education Policy. The Senate meeting was called on Saturday at 12 noon. There were many mistakes in the agenda prepared in this.

Due to lack of important information like qualification for admission in degree, they had to be corrected during the meeting itself. Because of this, the meeting of the Senate continued till 4 o’clock. On the other hand, Senate member Bhavesh Rabari opposed the VC Kishor Chavda not giving information about the agenda in advance, saying that the agenda should be given 21 days in advance, so that we can read it and discuss it on the day of the meeting, but every time. This is how it goes.

Syndicate member Bhavesh Rabari arrived wearing a banner before the Senate meeting in protest against the Grant College. In this, there was opposition to the inclusion of Granted Colleges with private universities. With this banner he entered the Senate Hall. He has carried forward the protests that have been going on for a long time. He said that the grant college should not be included in the private university, it will harm the children.

Dispute between two members: quarrels started during the meeting itself

There was already a apprehension of a dispute between senior members Kalu Bharwad and Bhavesh Rabari in the senior meeting. During the meeting, Girish Rana, favoring the new education policy, gave a statement for it in the English language. Meanwhile, senior member Kannu Bharwad asked him not to speak in English language but in Gujarati language.

After this Girish Rana started giving statements in Gujarati language. But in the middle, Senate member Bhavesh Rabari told Kanu Bharwad that the university’s legal studies books should be changed from English language to Gujarati language too, for this he put his point in front of Vice-Chancellor Kishore Chavda. But this enraged Kanu Bharwad. The Vice Chancellor pacified both of them.

name we will take action

Giving information to the Vice Chancellor on behalf of Senior Member Bhavesh Rabari said that donation is taken in the colleges of B.Sc. Narsingh. Due to this, parents have to face a lot of problem while getting admission. This should be curbed. Meanwhile, senior member Mahendra Chauhan said that if this is happening then name should be given.

Add skill development course

In the New Education Policy, it was decided that the subject which is currently taught in different faculties has been ordered to be linked with skill development. In the meeting of the Senate, it has been decided that now the courses of skill development in different faculties should be combined and studied.

it was decided

  • The age limit for the post of Vice Chancellor was increased to 65 years
  • Multiple certification policy implemented
  • Punishment for students copying in online exam approved
  • Architect Interior Design and Fine Art got department status
  • BSc Medical Technology course renamed as BSc Medical Laboratory
  • Approval to start summer internship and skill development best training course

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