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  • On The Rise In The Prices Of Petrol, Diesel, Gas And Pulses From The United Farmers Front, Today They Will Park Their Vehicles On The Roadside.

Chandigarh8 minutes ago

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To wake up the central government, the public on the road, the demand to curb the rising prices. demo photo

  • Vehicle lines from Mohali’s Eicher Light Point to Airport Lights
  • Protests against the government at many places in Chandigarh today

In order to wake up the central government, now a front has been opened from the other side against the central government from the United Farmers Front, in which they have made preparations to take the common people along with them. In order to wake up the Modi government, a different kind of demonstration has been started in the entire country on Thursday, asking farmers and common people to park their vehicles on the roadside and register a protest.

United Kisan Morcha leader Balbir Singh Rajewal says that people are now uniting to wake up the Modi government at the Center and there is anger among them. Rajewal says that from 10.00 am to 12.00 am today people are parking their tractors, trucks, cars, jeeps, motorcycles and other vehicles along the state highway. After that, people will continuously blow the siren of their vehicles for 8 minutes from 12.00 hrs to reach the ears of the Modi government. He said that when the Modi government can play plates to drive away Corona, then farmers and common people can sound sirens to drive away inflation and register their protest.

People have started coming with their vehicles from this morning on the roads of Tricity. A large number of vehicles are seen parked on the roads of Chandigarh and Mohali. Demonstrations are being held on behalf of women with their empty gas cylinders. People are gathering in large numbers in this unique type of protest in the tricity including Sohana Road and Landra Road in Mohali.

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