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  • In The Sacrilege Of Gutka Sahib In Mohali’s Manauli Village, No Accused Has Come To The Hands Of The Police Yet, A Case Has Been Registered Against The Unknown.

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The sacred parts of Gutka Sahib have been kept in Gurdwara Sahib. file photo

A case of sacrilege of Gutka Sahib came to light in Manauli village adjoining Mohali city. After that the situation became tense there. The police was called on behalf of the Gurdwara committee after giving information about it. Here someone had thrown the parts of Gutka Sahib on the garbage heap. The information of which was seen by a villager who took a walk in the morning and informed the Gurudwara Sahib’s Pati. After which the information was given to the Gurudwara committee by the Pathi, after which the police were called to the spot.

Taking action in the matter, the police had investigated the matter by registering a case against the unknown person under the sections of hurting religious sentiments, but even after a day has passed, the accused has not come to the hands of the police. The police had checked the CCTV cameras installed around the area but they could not find any specific clue.

The members of the Management Committee of Gurdwara Sahib said that about 70 parts of Gutka Sahib have been recovered from the garbage heap. Which have been kept in Gurdwara Sahib with full respect. He said that about two days ago, two parts of Gutka Sahib were also recovered from the roof of a house. Which was kept with respect by the lady of that house at the place of worship built in her house and later those parts were handed over to Gurdwara Sahib.

On receiving information about the incident, SP City HS Virk, DSP City 2 Deep Kamal and SHO police station Sohana reached the spot along with their team. Giving information about this, the SP City said that on receiving the information, the police party reached there and started investigating the matter. He said that taking action on behalf of the police, a case has been registered against the unknown. He said that at present the atmosphere of the village is fine and the people of the village are fully cooperating with the police. He said that the matter would be resolved with the cooperation of the people of the village.

The police are checking the CCTV cameras installed in the houses and search is on for the person who desecrated the parts of Gutka Sahib. The police is trying to find out whether the address of such person can be found from somewhere so that the perpetrators of sacrilege can be arrested at the earliest. But till now the police have not got any such clue.

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