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Shanta Kumar and Virbhadra Singh had a personal relationship with each other.

Former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Shanta Kumar has expressed grief over the demise of Virbhadra Singh. Along with this, he also narrated an anecdote related to the political life of the former Chief Minister. Shanta Kumar said that the death of Virbhadra Singh is the end of an era in Himachal Pradesh politics. He continued to lead the politics of Himachal for a long time. Became chief minister several times.

Virbhadra was a past leader of the first generation of Himachal politics. An efficient administrator and devoted to development. I remember the level of politics at that time was very high. When we MLAs of the opposition spoke on the annual budget, first of all, we would praise the government for the good works in the budget.

After that, he used to criticize vehemently. Standing in the house for a big protest, stopping the proceedings for 5 minutes, then coming out after walking out and telling the press what the walkout was for and after that silently used to go to the house and participate in the proceedings. In those days, Himachal Vidhan Sabha was praised in the country. Gradually this tradition began to change.

Shanta Kumar said that of course both of us belonged to different parties and different ideologies. Despite this, the addresses of both of them were never indecent against each other. Our relationship was personal. Many times there was criticism that we do not oppose each other. We leave no stone unturned in opposing the policies, but did not criticize for the sake of criticism.

During the Kangra-Chamba Lok Sabha elections in the year 2019, when Shanta Kumar had gone to Chamba for the election campaign of Kishan Kapoor, he returned from there and said that the level of politics in Himachal has been high. Virbhadra Singh had said some bitter words against the current Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur. To which Shanta Kumar said that he does not think that Virbhadra Singh would have said these words to a decent Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur.

He feels that all this Virbhad Singh had not said from his heart, must have gone out of his mouth in anger. Shanta Kumar had urged the Congress to cooperate instead of protesting before the Global Investor Meet held in Dharamsala. Urging the Congress to extend its cooperation in this historic program, he had also sought suggestions from former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh to make the investor meet a success.

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