Pabiya (Jamtara)2 minutes ago

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Crowd of people gathered at the spot.

Once again on Friday, the havoc of speed was seen on the Pabia-Govindpur Sahibganj National Highway. Truck and oil tanker collided in Pabia between Jamtara-Narayanpur. Due to this, the tanker rammed into a hut on the side of the road. The accident happened near Pubia Health Centre. Thankfully no one was in the hut at the time of the accident. Otherwise a big incident could have happened. Here, leaving the tanker after the accident, the driver and the helper escaped from the spot. The driver and helper of the truck are safe in the incident. It is believed that the tanker driver had a nap after which the vehicle went out of control and collided with the truck. Actually, the oil tanker was going from Narayanpur to Jamtara. At the same time, truck driver Gopal Yadav told that he was going from Bihar to Bengal. The road accident occurred due to the carelessness of the oil tanker driver. The hut damaged in the accident belongs to Sukar Bauri of Pabiya.

He said that the accident happened around 4 in the morning. In this my shop got damaged. This is how I sleep every night. Coincidentally, did not sleep here last night. A written application has been given to the station in-charge for compensation. Here, after the information of the incident, the police reached the spot and brought both the vehicles to the police station.

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