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In this case, a case has been registered against an unknown person at Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station.

A case of hiding a spy camera in the service quarter of a female doctor working in a reputed private hospital in Pune has come to light. This service quarter was given by the hospital itself. The doctor came to know about the matter when the light went out and he called an electrician to fix it.

On the complaint of a 30-year-old female doctor, an investigation has been started by registering a case against an unknown person at Bharti Vidyapeeth police station. The police have recovered both the cameras installed in the bedroom and the bathroom and the SD cards in them.

Such a case was disclosed
According to the police, the complainant lives with another woman doctor in the service quarter of the hospital. On Tuesday evening, when the female doctor came back home after finishing her work from the hospital, she went to the room to take a bath. He switched on the light but the bedroom and bathroom lights did not turn on. After which the doctor called an electrician. When the electrician opened the bulb holder in the bathroom to check, he found a camera installed inside. When he took out the spy camera, a memory card was also found in it. Later, when the bedroom bulb holder was opened, a similar camera and memory card were found there too. After which the lady doctor went to the police station and lodged a complaint regarding this matter.

A team of police engaged in investigation
Deputy Commissioner of Police Sagar Patil said, “We are probing the matter. There is no CCTV camera installed anywhere in this entire building. At the same time, when we talked to the guard in this matter, he told that no outsider goes inside the quarters. Patil further said that the matter is serious and we have also engaged the crime branch team to investigate the matter.

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