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Suranjan Mishra

  • The girl whom he used to love, the family did not accept him
  • Four years ago also tried to commit suicide by consuming poison for girlfriend

On Wednesday, Suranjan Mishra (42) committed suicide by abusing himself in the BJP office on Sakchi Tank Road. The deceased Suranjan Mishra was the maternal uncle of former BJP Mandal President Dhananjay Rai. The reason for the suicide is said to be a love affair. Suranjan Mishra was a resident of Balwa village of Navhatta block of Saharsa (Bihar). He used to take the line of Tempe near Sheetla Mandir Chowk here. Before the incident, Suranjan was talking to his girlfriend on a video call. Meanwhile, he abused himself. His body was found in a sitting position.

There was a pistol in the right hand and there were marks of abuse near the right ear. In the afternoon, when Suranjan did not reach home to eat food, Dhananjay sent a young man to the BJP office. After this the incident came to light. On receiving the information, City SP Subhash Chandra Jat and ASP City Kumar Gairav ​​reached with the police team. Dhananjay Rai and the porter Chandan Mandal, who lived in the adjacent room in the BJP office. The police have seized Suranjan Mishra’s mobile, a pistol and a pistol from the spot. Dhananjay Rai told- Suranjan Mishra used to love a girl, but the family members did not like it. About this 4 years ago, Suranjan tried to commit suicide by consuming poison. After this the family sent him to Jamshedpur. When Suranjan went to the village a few months ago, when the family members saw the picture of the same girl in the mobile, there was a lot of controversy. Suranjan came to the city a month ago. Here too, there was a fight with the family on the phone every day.

Four years ago also tried to commit suicide by consuming poison for girlfriend

Had come and slept at 11 o’clock, at that time a person had come to meet maternal uncle – Chandan

Coolie Chandan Mandal, who was sleeping in the office at the time of the incident, told the police – Suranjan was called uncle by all. He reached the BJP office at 11 am on Wednesday. Mama was sitting there. I told mama that I was tired. I have come to take some rest. At the same time a person had come to meet his maternal uncle. He left after a while. After this the police came and picked him up. He didn’t hear any gunshots.

no one knows where the pistol came from

From whom the deceased took the pistol, investigation is going on. Finding out about the deceased’s home and routine is being done. With whom he met throughout the day at the tempo stand and who had come to meet him at the office, the investigation is going on. Nearby CCTV footage is also being scanned.

Investigating on all points including friendship with girl

A man committed suicide by shooting himself on the forehead while sitting on a chair in the BJP office. For what reasons did the incident happen? The family members have told about friendship with a girl. Teams are investigating at all points.
– Subhash Chandra Jat, City SP

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