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  • Congress Will Start Corona Nyay Yatra, Will Go Door To Door And Collect Information About The Dead

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Congress has once again decided to campaign against the state government. This time Congress will take out Corona Yatra. This campaign will be started from next week. In this, information about those who died of corona will be collected from house to house. After that it will surround the government. The information of the dead will be handed over to the state government and justice will be provided to the families of the deceased.

Congress will meet from Friday. In this, the strategy for the campaign will be made. In the Corona travel campaign, a team of ward workers will be formed. Congress announced this campaign by holding a press conference on Thursday. The Congress alleged that the state government has done injustice to the families of those who died of Corona.

Congress city chief said – death toll is huge
Congress has released a form. In this, all other information including the name of the person who lost his life from Corona, the names of the relatives of the deceased, photo of the deceased will be filled. Congress workers will fill this form door-to-door. After that this form will be sent to the Pradesh Congress Committee. Congress city chief Naishad Desai said that the death toll in the city is huge, but the government is not releasing it. For 25 years, the BJP government is not doing justice even after sacrificing the lives of the people. We are starting a campaign to get justice.

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