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Ration Lal and his son Amandeep, residents of Hisar, Haryana, have been caught by the police in the case of cheating.

  • 42 thousand withdrawn from the account later
  • Three people came by Delhi number car, were caught in CCTV
  • Hisar resident father son arrested

A case of cheating in Tutu has come to light. Here it was difficult for a person to get the balance check of his ATM from an unknown person. The vicious changed the ATM and caused a loss of thousands of rupees to the said person. Taking action in this case, the police have arrested two people.

The accused are Rashan Lal and his son Amandeep, residents of Hisar, Haryana. At present, the police are on the lookout for the third accused. Based on the CCTV footage, the police arrested both the accused. They were trying to escape to Haryana, but on the basis of secret information, they have been caught from a shop in Tutu itself.

IO Rajkumar has played an important role in catching them. According to information, Nandlal, a resident of Shoghi, lodged a complaint with the police station Baluganj that he had gone to the SBI ATM in Tutu on July 6. Then three people came sitting in a vehicle number DL-1 ACD-8197 and entered the ATM.

I gave ATM to one of them to check his balance. After checking the balance, the said vicious changed the ATM. Later it was found that 42 thousand rupees have been withdrawn from the account. SP Shimla Mahit Chawla says that two people have been arrested in this case.

Keep these things in mind when going to ATM

  • Use your own ATM
  • Never write your PIN number on the card. Always remember him.
  • Do not take help in ATM transactions from strangers or give cards to anyone else for transactions.
  • Do not share your ATM PIN with anyone. Even bank employees and family members should not give this information.
  • Keep a close eye on the card during payment and do not let it go out of sight.
  • Avoid talking on mobile phone during transaction.
  • Maintain complete privacy during ATM transactions. Make sure that no one is watching while entering the PIN number in the ATM machine.
  • After the transaction, check that the welcome screen has come in the machine. Do not leave the machine before that.
  • Make sure that your existing mobile number is registered with the bank. With this you will be able to get alerts of all the transactions from the bank.
  • Keep an eye out for suspicious movement of people near ATMs and avoid engaging in conversations with strangers.

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