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  • The Municipality Said, We Have Given Notices, The High Court Said The Notice Cannot Be Considered As An Action Taken Report; Report It

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  • Hearing in the High Court in the matter of buildings being obstructed in flight, reprimanded the Municipality

The hearing was held in the Division Bench of the High Court regarding building obstructions in flights at the airport’s runway number 22 Vesu End. On Tuesday, the court sought an action taken report from the Municipal Corporation regarding this. The BUC of 27 projects has been postponed by the Municipality. The Municipal Corporation has sought a reply by giving notice to the builders. Before the court, the Municipality argued for giving notice. On this, the court reprimanded the Municipal Corporation.

The court told the Municipal Corporation that the notices given by it cannot be treated as action taken report. The Municipality had also filed a report which was rejected by the court and said that it cannot be considered as a report unless there is a demolition. In the High Court, the DGCA said that orders have been issued regarding the buildings. Municipality said that this matter will go to the collector, we will only provide infrastructure in this matter. On this, the judge reprimanded and said that such an answer will not work here.

Have to appeal in court by 31
In this case, petitioner Vishwas Bhamburkar told that the court has asked the Municipal Corporation to demolish the buildings by December 2 this year and submit its compliance report. Bhamburkar said that the appeal can be filed by August 31. After that DGCA has to take a decision in 4 weeks.

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