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  • BJP’s Formula For Assembly Elections 2022 And Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Understand The Math Of Surat MP’s Entry In Modi’s Council Of Ministers

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Pleasant smile: Started career with photographer, now minister

  • Hobbies Photography – The journey of photography that started from childhood continues till now
  • Record Victory – In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the highest number of votes in the country was won by 5.33 lakh votes.
  • There is also a challenge – CR Patil is already the state president, now two power centers were formed due to Darshana becoming a minister.

It is said that politics and cricket have a lot in common. Sometimes such decisions are taken in both which are surprising. Making Surat MP Darshana Jardosh a Minister of State in the Ministry of Textiles and Railways in the Modi cabinet is also considered a similar decision, as there was no discussion till Tuesday.

This is the first time after Kashiram Rana that the Surat MP has got a place in the Union Cabinet. The 2022 state assembly elections and 2024 Lok Sabha elections are being considered behind making Darshana a minister. Behind this is the mathematics of Surti-OBC-Diamond-Textile and to cater to women voters.

By giving place to Darshana Jardosh in the Union Cabinet, BJP has tried to strengthen the vote bank of South Gujarat including Surat. Darshana is native Surti and OBC. He is known to have a strong hold on women, textile traders and diamond entrepreneurs. She has been at the fore in resolving the problems of the Diamond Sector. The angry cloth merchants can also speak to them.

In Modi government, Minister of State in the Ministry of Textiles and Railways became its MP Darshana Jardosh

Became the first unopposed councilor of the state – Darshana entered active politics in 2000. He filled the nomination form in the municipal elections. With the withdrawal of the opposing candidate, she became the first unopposed councilor of the state. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he had won the highest number of 5 lakh 33 thousand votes in the country. The 2019 Lok Sabha election was also won by over 5.47 lakh votes.

After 2014 d. any MP minister of Gujarat

Surat MP Kashiram Rana became the Minister of Textiles in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government. After that the Congress government came at the Centre. After that no MP from South Gujarat, including Surat, got a place in the Union Cabinet even under the BJP rule from the year 2014. Now after 6 years, Darshana Jardosh has got a place. In Vajpayee’s government from Gujarat, Junagadh MP Bhavna Ben had become a minister, now Darshana Jardosh has become a minister.

MP always stands for businessmen

Senior journalist and political expert Faizal Bakili says that Darshana Jardosh is a 3 term MP. He has not been involved in controversies. Apart from this, she always stands for industry like Diamond, Zari and Textile.

He had asked for the airport. South Gujarat, including Surat, has strengthened under the rule of Gujarat. Vote bank of South Gujarat has been strengthened by making Mangubhai as governor, CR Patil as state president and now Darshana Jardosh as minister.

The camera was held in hand since childhood

Darshana Jardosh, a three-time MP from Surat, started her career as a photographer and her journey has reached the minister. Darshanaben was born on January 21, 1961. She is the first child of Kantibhai Nayak and Amitaben Nayak (Anavil Brahmin).

Despite having a younger brother in the family, Kantibhai brought up Darshana like a son from an early age. While his father was a photographer, Darshana had caught the camera in childhood. He started doing photography at an early age, which continues to this day. During her college days and thereafter, she used to photograph public functions, weddings, parties etc. as a commercial photographer.

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