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  • Luxury Old Age Homes Will Be Built, Every Facility And Security Will Be Available By Paying Fees; Currently 3 Old Age Homes Are Running

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At present there are three old age homes in Chandigarh.

Children have no time for their parents. Some are compelled, because others have settled in the city or abroad, while others have moved away due to family reasons. As a result, the elderly are living alone. If some elderly people get serious diseases, the family members want to leave them in old age homes.

Due to this, now the demand for old age homes has increased not only in Chandigarh. Rather, the need is felt for a luxury home stay where people can live by paying more money and get all the facilities. In the coming time, high end luxury old age homes will also be built in Chandigarh, for which preparations have started. For this, two different homes built in Ludhiana and Dehradun will also be studied, where facilities are also good and fees too.

Let us inform that at present there are three old age homes in Chandigarh. It is in Sector-15, Sector-43 and Sector 30. The expenses of the elderly living in Sector 15 are borne by the Chandigarh Administration. On the other hand, nominal charges are taken in Sector 43 and Sathya Sai Sanstha runs the Sector 30.

Apart from this, the concept of day care center for the elderly has been started in one centre. It is to be started in other centers also. There is also a day care center in the Senior Citizen Home of Sector-15, where this facility has been closed for the time being due to Kovid. In this, 300 elders have registered. Every day around 30-40 elders come here and can interact with the elders living in the home, can also do light activities.

High end luxury homes by tying up with private players

Now preparations are also being made in Chandigarh to prepare luxury high end homes in collaboration with private companies. This home will be such, which will be designed completely on the lines of foreign countries. This will be the home for retired IAS, IPS or other big posts or businessmen who are living alone in Chandigarh. For this, offers have been sought from private companies. Once the offer comes, the administration will decide how to run this home in collaboration with private companies. It will be decided what kind of design will be done, what kind of facilities will be provided and how much will be the fee.

Banana Hain Do Old Age Homes

  1. An old age home is also proposed to be built in Sector-34. Work is pending regarding drawings etc. However, for the last few years nothing has been done regarding this project. There will also be a place to live for more than 80 elderly people. A multi-storey building will be built, so that if more is needed in the future, its capacity can be increased to 150.
  2. An old age home is to be built in Sector-24. It is planned to be developed as a luxury high end home. There will be a place here for more than 100 elderly people to live. There will also be a place to play. This place in Indira Holiday Home is near the Social Welfare Department. Preparations are on to start this home by preparing it this year.

Three types of old age homes will be built in Chandigarh

  1. Luxury High End Old Age Homes: There will be all kinds of modern facilities, but these will be paid homes, where the fees will be very high. These are for those people who do not lack resources but are lonely. Here they will get every facility.
  2. Old Age Homes for Middle Class: There will be facilities here, but the charges will be kept very less. At present this type of home is being run in Sector-43.
  3. For poor families: Old age homes will also be arranged for them. In this, all kinds of facilities will be given free of cost to the elderly.

Want pension and property, but want to leave the elderly in old age home

Recently, there was a meeting of the administration regarding Old Age Homes. It was discussed that some families want to leave the elderly in old age homes, but demand their pension and property. Therefore, for the elderly who have money and property, luxury old age homes should be built for them. In this, all facilities will be provided by taking fees. Such homes are open in Ludhiana and Dehradun.

Number of Senior Citizens in Chandigarh

According to the 2011 census

67078 people were 60 years of age or more, the maximum number of 25 thousand elderly people between 60 and 65 years were in it.

In 2014 (As per Election Department Voters List)

61868 people were 60 years of age or older

In 2019 (As per Election Department Voters List)

83952 people 60 years of age or older.

In 2020-21:

85300 people, about 60 years of age or more, a total of 4070 elderly people (65 years of age or more) get old age pension. About Rs 45.93 lakh is spent on this every month.

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