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  • About 21 thousand vaccines were administered in the state on Thursday, less than 20 thousand in stock

In Jharkhand, once again the data of the vaccine of Karena has been done. This has slowed down the pace of vaccination. For the last 48 hours, many districts of the state including Ranchi are yearning for the vaccine. There are about 20 lakh people, whose time for the second dose has passed, but they are not able to get the vaccine. On Thursday, about 21 thousand people were vaccinated across the state and now the same number is in stock. Due to this, vaccination will be available on Friday, but only nominally. The vaccination campaign has been disrupted 10 times so far due to lack of adequate vaccines in the state.

By preparing 4000 immunization centers in the state, arrangements have been completed to vaccinate 3.5 lakh people daily. But the availability of vaccine is becoming a major obstacle in this. Except Saturday-Sunday, the situation of vaccination becomes sluggish on other days of the week. In view of this, the state government has written several times to the Center requesting to increase the quota of vaccines, but still vaccines are not available.

33 lakh are to be received this month, but only 9.5 lakh vaccines will be available till 15

The shortage of vaccine has started in the state from June 28. Meanwhile, the Center allocated 33 lakh vaccines this month, giving some hope. On July 2, 6 lakh vaccines were received from Cowishield, due to which the campaign ran for four days and the vaccines were over. Now in July, one lakh vaccines of vaccine will come, even a day will not work. After this, on July 15, 2.5 lakh vaccines of Cowishield will be available. That is, even after half a month has passed, out of 33 lakh only 9.5 lakh vaccines will be available.

Stopping the campaign for one day means one lakh people missed getting vaccinated

The 18+ vaccination campaign has started in Jharkhand from May 14. Maximum 1.45 lakh vaccines have been administered in a day. The government wants to administer 3.5 lakh vaccines daily. But in the last 56 days, 10 times vaccination has almost stopped in the state. Stopping for a day means that one lakh people did not get vaccinated on time.

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