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  • On The 8th Floor Of The Punjab School Education Board, For The Last 24 Days, 3 Temporary Teachers Climbed For The Demand To Make Sure, The Teachers Are Protesting Below.

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Temporary teachers have been climbing on the 8th floor of the Board of Education since June 16 for their demands.

  • Teachers say that they will continue the strike until the government gives information about the confirmation in writing.
  • The condition of the three teachers who climbed on the 8th floor is pathetic, being in the open and in the sun has an adverse effect on the skin

The companions of temporary teachers have climbed the 8th floor of the Punjab School Education Board for the last 24 days. The teachers shouting slogans against the government with sulphas tablets and petrol bottles in their hands say that they will not come down until the government gives information in writing to make them sure.

teachers climbed on the roof of the education board

teachers climbed on the roof of the education board

On June 16, five teachers climbed the board’s roof, now three are above. The condition of Kulwinder Singh, Beant Singh and Raja Gurdaspur who climbed the roof is pathetic. He says that due to sunlight and sleeping in the open, his skin is getting worse and there are many problems. On behalf of the teachers sitting outside the board, daily food and drink arrangements are being made for the above teachers. They have put a lock on the way through which the teacher has climbed to the roof. Food is being given to the teachers daily from under the door.

Gagan of the Temporary Teachers Union says that they are working for the last 18 years but they are getting only 6 thousand rupees, due to which their family and household expenses are not being met. There are about 13 thousand temporary teachers in Punjab who are struggling for their demands. He said that the teachers have been struggling for a long time, but the government is only giving assurances.

He said that the Congress captain had promised to fulfill their demands during the Akali regime but he has not been able to do so even after four and a half years of coming to the government. He said that he will continue his struggle till the government submits the vote to make sure the temporary teachers in the cabinet and they get the assurance in writing. He said that on Wednesday, the Punjab government can take a decision regarding their demands, on which the teachers are watching.

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