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Patients told their pain to Bhaskar

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Even before mucarmycosis was declared an epidemic, RIMS was declared a state center of excellence, so that patients could get better treatment here. But even now patients recovering from minor surgery are being denied surgery due to management coordination gap. Doctors are sending patients back saying that the chance of recovery is only 20%.

Till Friday, more than 15 patients of black fungus are admitted in RIMS. There are more than 5 of these patients who need surgery. It is still fine till the sinus is removed from the nose, but the surgery of the eyes, jaw and other affected organs is not being done. After the pressure of the High Court, the first female patient underwent successful surgery on Thursday. But before that all the other patients were left on the basis of medicine only. Four patients were discharged from RIMS in the last one week. When Dainik Bhaskar’s team talked to the patient and his family, it came to know that due to the negligence of the hospital management, many people themselves were discharged, while some were forcibly discharged.

Patients told their pain to Bhaskar

Savitri Devi, the patient who came from Garhwa-

Loss of eyesight, relatives asked doctors for an operation, then they told that there is a possibility of 80% loss of life. When they got forced leave, the family members also took them home losing hope.

The allegation of Firoz, son of Dhanbad’s Israel Ansari

The negligence of the doctors of RIMS spoiled the condition of the father, even after 1 month of admission, the operation was not done. The doctors removed the jaw after performing the operation on the third day of the admission in Vellore.

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