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Ambulance, blood bank also separately

Now Ripon will also be ready for any VVIP movement. There was a lot of VVIP movement in Shimla city on Friday. Many VVIPs including BJP National President JP Nadda, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had reached the city. For which complete preparations were made in IGMC as well as DDU Hospital.

Ambulances, blood banks were already prepared here along with special wards, so that there is no shortage of anything if needed. Although these arrangements were in place earlier also, but earlier special wards and blood banks were prepared in IGMC.

Ambulances from DDU were used for VVIP duty. But this time this preparation was done at different places, so that it can come in handy if needed. After the creation of a new OPD block in DDU Hospital, better special wards have been prepared here, in which every VVIP can now be kept when needed.

That’s why there was preparation everywhere

Special wards, blood banks and ambulances were also kept ready for VVIPs in IGMC and DDU as there was more VVIP movement in the city. Earlier there was a VVIP movement, so preparations were done here in IGMC itself. Here rooms were booked for numbers 633 to 635.

But this time two VVIPs had come to the city, so arrangements were made in both the hospitals. Rahul Gandhi and JP Nadda had come to pay tribute to former CM Virbhadra Singh. However, these two reached Shimla at different times. JP Nadda paid tribute to the former CM at the Congress Bhawan at the Ridge Maidan.

There were special ward books for VVIP movement in DDU hospital, sufficient quantity of blood was kept in the blood bank also. Apart from this, the ambulance was also ready for VVIP duty. All these things were completely ready by three o’clock in the evening. However, under the protocol, it has to be kept ready for all VVIP duties.

But earlier the special wards were not good here, so there was booking in IGMC. But now the new OPD block has full facilities. Now if needed in future, all facilities will be given here in VVIP duty. Dr. Ravindra Mekta, Senior Medical Officer, IGMC Shimla

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