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DC Dr Yash Garg

  • Citizens should not take lightly the slow pace of infection, negligence can be costly

Deputy Commissioner Dr Yash Garg said that there is a steady decrease in the cases of Kovid-19 infection in the district, but despite this, the general public needs to be alert. Negligence can prove to be harmful. So far the Kovid-19 infection has not been completely eradicated. All the residents of the district should be constantly vigilant to protect themselves from corona infection and follow the instructions issued by the government.

The Deputy Commissioner said that the infection of Kovid in the district is on the slopes and the people of the district should be alert for the future and should not be careless. All the residents of the district should make covid proper behavior a part of life. They should always use masks, follow social distance of 2 yards and keep their hands frequently cleaned with hand sanitizer or soap and water. Don’t be a part of the crowd unnecessarily and avoid going to tight markets. Voluntarily follow the covid instructions issued by the government. All these instructions have been issued keeping in view the health of the general public. Medical kits have been distributed by the district administration to the patients living in confinement in their homes, which include essential health equipment, medicines and medicines and decoctions to increase immunity.

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