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  • Due To The Strict Conditions Of The Police, The Operators Canceled The Rath Yatra Of Lord Jagannath, Only 1 Km Of The Journey Was Approved

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  • Approval of 50 people to pull the chariot, but everyone needs both the dose or RTPCR

There was a possibility of taking out Rath Yatra in the city as well after the state government gave its nod to take out Rath Yatra in Ahmedabad. The operators of the ISKCON temple have canceled the Rath Yatra scheduled for July 12 due to the strict attitude of the police. It has been decided to take out Rath Yatra in the campus itself.

Malls, markets, business, social and economic activities have been exempted in the city. Why so many restrictions on the Rath Yatra, which comes out once in a year? When there are big political gatherings in the city, the SOP is not followed so strictly. Will corona spread only by taking out Rath Yatra?

Dilipbhai of ISKCON temple told that earlier Jagannath Rath Yatra used to travel in 17 kms. We had sought approval for carrying out Rath Yatra till Gujarat Gas Circle 15 days back. There was no proper reply at that time. After this the police had asked to take out the Rath Yatra till Palanpur Patiya.

After this, on Thursday, the police approved to take the Rath Yatra (1 km) up to Mora Bhagal. Hence the decision had to be taken to cancel the Rath Yatra. It is better to take 1 kilometer Rath Yatra than not take it out. We had given a list of 200 people to the police to allow the participation of 200 people. The police has allowed only 50 people to attend.

We used to take out two and a half kilometer Rath Yatra, but the police have asked to shorten it. The police talks about both the doses of the vaccine, but people are not getting even a single dose. Approval of 25 people has been given to pull the chariot, which is not possible. So we have decided to cancel the Rath Yatra. – Mahant Sitaramdasji, Lanka Vijay Mandir

The police have told so many rules that it is difficult to take out the Rath Yatra. We were about to take out the Rath Yatra as per the guidelines. The chariot was made and painted, but due to strict rules of the police, a decision had to be taken to cancel the Rath Yatra. Gopibhai, Sachin Rath Yatra Organizer

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