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  • After Carrying Out The Robbery Incident Around The Highway, The Bike Used To Disappear In The Blink Of An Eye, The Whole Plan Of Where And Where To Run Away Was With Them.

Faridabad2 hours ago

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Faridabad. The accused of robbery arrested and the goods recovered from them.

  • Eight laptops, 80 thousand rupees, FZ motorcycle and scooty used in the crime were recovered from the accused. After 6 days remand, all the accused were sent to jail.

The police have arrested three members of a gang who have been carrying out the theft and robbery incidents for almost a year. The accused Vishal and Sahil are both real brothers. They live in the Palla area. While Ruban is a resident of Delhi. During the 6-day police remand, many incidents came to light from them. Goods were recovered from them in 11 robbery and theft cases. All three used to commit crimes for intoxication and debauchery. The accused were again produced in the court and sent to jail.

According to Crime Branch Central, all the three accused were arrested from Palla police station area. They were trying to carry out the robbery here. The accused are very smart. 11 cases of robbery and theft are registered against them in different police stations of Faridabad. Eight laptops, 80 thousand rupees, FZ bike and scooty used in the crime have been recovered from their possession. Their profession is theft and robbery. Vishal is the head of this gang who plans the crime. After this, the three accused would have executed together. The accused used a very unique method to carry out the crime. They had a complete plan to run away after carrying out the crime in the areas around the highway. During the incident, an accused used to keep a vigil around with a scooty and would immediately inform the companions when someone came. They used to have FZ bikes. Its pickup is very high. Therefore, after committing the crime, they used to disappear from it in the blink of an eye. The accused used several methods to stop the vehicles plying on the deserted road. The accused used to make the driver stop by telling him about the tire puncture or sprinkle oil on the glass of his car or break the glass of the car parked at a secluded place and the accused used to make the goods kept in it disappear in a moment. The accused were trying to commit a similar incident, when the crime branch got the information. He caught them.

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