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  • Three news for employees associated with Tata Steel
  • 850 employees of Tata Cummins will get Amazon gift coupon worth Rs 5000

Tata Steel has issued a new circular on Tuesday for the traveling employees and their families regarding the corona infection. Under this, it will be mandatory for the employee to undergo RT-PCR test on his return from personal or official tour. They will be able to join duty only if the test report is negative.

If an employee goes on a one-day tour and the RT-PCR report 48 hours before the trip is negative, then they will also be able to join duty. But if they have corona symptoms or feel they will have to stay in home isolation for 10 days. If there is no fever and cold for the last three days of home isolation, then only on the eleventh day the employee will be able to join duty. The same rule will be applicable for travel of the family member of the employee.

Periodical medical examination resumes for permanent and contract workers of Tata Steel

Tata Steel has once again implemented PME (Periodic Medical Examination) in all locations for its permanent and all contract employees. Employees will have to follow all the protocols and guidelines of Corona for PME. In Tata Steel, for a certain period, the medical examination at the time of joining was stopped due to corona infection. With the introduction of PME, people sitting waiting for joining will get more benefit.

Tata Cummins employees getting 5 thousand coupon

850 Tata Cummins employees will get an Amazon gift coupon worth Rs 5,000. The company is giving this gift for better production in the Karena period last year. The members of the Steering Committee of the Tata Cummins Employees Union had demanded a gift from the officers, to which the management has agreed. This coupon has started getting from Tuesday.

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