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  • If Caught From The Hotel, The Police Officer Was Also Bluffed To Double The Money, Rain Of Money From Occult Science, Claim To Convert Iron copper Into Gold

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The three ‘Tantric thugs’, who made iron and copper gold, had also claimed double the money to the Sindhi Camp Police. These three go to different cities in expensive vehicles and extort money from people in the name of Tantric Vidya. The Sindhi Camp Police caught them from the hotel and brought the three to the police station. The police officer asked the three that you will double my money too. Then Naresh Giri claimed to have doubled them with full confidence. The Sindhi Camp Police has sent all three to jail after the completion of their remand. The police had also confiscated a car with a police sticker and a car with a police sticker from them.

Planned for tantric learning in Corona
Sindhi Camp SHO Gunjan Soni said that Naresh Giri son Hemraj Giri, Mohammad Kamil son Kasim and Kanu Bhai Joshi son Keshavlal were arrested. All three are residents of Gujarat. There were many revelations in remand from all three. Naresh Giri told that he had no work in Corona. Then a plan to double his money by doing Tantric education came to mind. Naresh along with Mohammad Kamil made the whole plan. Mohammad Kamil used to do Tantric education. Kanu Bhai was their driver and used to drive the car. Naresh and Kamil together brought all the goods of Tantric learning. After this, all three together used to look for new customers and started extorting money from people on the pretext of raining money.

Contact with Gujarat Police in Liaisoning

Investigation revealed that the arrested Naresh Giri was in the army. After fracture in his leg, he started farming in the village. During Corona, they started doing small social service work. Then he got in touch with many police stations of Gujarat Police. Together with Mohammad Kamil, he also started doing the work of liaisoning the police. He had also learned the working style of the police. That’s why the police mark was also put on his own car. When caught, they used to threaten by showing fear of being in the police. After that they would escape. In Jaipur too, the victim was threatened by Naresh by showing fear of the police.

Know how to reach Jaipur

Purab Giri, a resident of Barmer, is a truck driver. He used to go to Ahmedabad with a truck. Then he was identified with Naresh Giri. Purab told him that his financial condition was not good. Then the king told him about Tantric learning and introduced him to Mohammad Kamil. He gave the bluff of raining money, doubling the money and converting iron and copper items into gold. Both talked about doing tantric education in Ahmedabad itself. Both had refused to go to Barmer. Then Purab asked to come to Jaipur. Along with this, he told to pay the expenses of staying in the hotel, from food and drink to travel. Greed came in the mind of both. After this the driver reached Jaipur with Kanu.

Argument over not doubling the money

In fact, Purab reached Jaipur with his companion Gaurav. Both gave 50-50 thousand rupees to Naresh Giri. After this, in the evening, he asked to do Tantric Vidya. Next day Purab and Gaurav came again and asked for money. Due to non-receipt of money, an argument broke out between them. Then Naresh Giri sent them back showing the fear of being in the police. On suspicion, Gaurav reached the Sindhi Camp police station and gave the report. Sindhi Camp Police brought all three from the hotel to the police station. All three were found to be fake in the investigation. On searching the hotel room, green cloth, red cloth, black thread, materials and other items related to tantric activities were found.


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