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  • Prepare a raster from the block and sent a proposal to the District Panchayati Raj Office

Reservation raster has been prepared in various blocks for the three-tier panchayat elections. Reservation raster list for 9 panchayats of East Tundi block has been prepared and sent to District Panchayati Raj Department. From there it will be sent to the State Election Commission.

According to the proposal, all the seats in East Tundi except for Charuria and Latani panchayats will be reserved. In tribal-dominated East Tundi, the largest number of head posts are reserved for the Scheduled Tribes (ST) category in terms of population. 2 out of 3 in this category, 3 out of 5 in general category and the only ST head will be female. That is, out of the total 9 panchayats of East Tundi block, only women will become the head in 6.

3 posts reserved for ST and 1 post reserved for SC

According to the proposal, three posts of head have been reserved for the ST category and one for the SC. The post of Mukhiya in Rupan will be reserved for ST women and in Ukma and Raghunathpur ST women. At the same time, Rampur Panchayat has been reserved for Scheduled Caste women.

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