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For laying electric cables in Hari Mandir Road of Hirapur, the paver block was removed and left as a pit there.

  • Will have to be made after breaking the road or paver block, on this condition NOC from the corporation, the agency is not agreeing

To provide facilities to the people in the wards, Peber blocks were laid on both sides of the road with the amount of 14th Finance Commission. 60 to 70 lakh rupees were spent on laying Pebars block in each ward. Peber’s block was laid in some ward six months ago and in some one year ago, but today everything is in vain.

There is no trace of it in the ward where Peber’s block was laid. All Peber’s blocks are covered by underground cabling. Underground cable laying work is going on in all the wards. Pebers block was also laid by the corporation on the roadside of all the wards and the roadside of the locality.

Same situation in every ward

Peber’s block was not damaged in any one ward, but in all the wards. In the Hirapur area of ​​the city, the situation is similar in the surrounding areas including Lindsay Club Road, Hirapur Hari Mandir, Ajantapara, Park Market, Jesse Mallick Road, Bankmade, Purana Bazar, Matkuria, Kendua. The agency is using drill machines to lay underground cables in these areas, but for a show. Excavation is being done manually instead of drill machine, due to which people are suffering. After laying the cable, the people of the agency are leveling the soil instead of laying the block and tilling it. As soon as it rains, that soil is flowing and coming on the road. Due to which people suffer a lot.

Complain to PMO

Former councilor of Ward 26 Nirmal Kumar Mukherjee has complained about breaking the Pebers block from the Prime Minister’s Office to the Chief Minister and the Energy Department. The corporation has also been directed from the Chief Minister’s Office to investigate the matter, but even after this no action is being taken. The former councilor told that if electricity is necessary for the people, then the road is also necessary. There is no resistance to underground cabling. The road should be made by laying cables, so that the common man does not face any problem.

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