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Police presenting the dead body of a female policeman (deceased in inset) and guard of honor near the auto at the spot.

  • Tragic accident on Bhestan three way on Wednesday night at 3.30 pm
  • The speed of the dumper was so fast that after the collision, the first auto overturned while dragging the second one for half a kilometer.

During vehicle checking near Bhestan Teen Road, a dumper hit four policemen. In this, a woman police constable was killed and three were badly injured. However, the accused has been arrested. According to the information received, Bhestan was only checking police vehicles on three roads.

Then the driver of the dumper number GJ 16 AV 8200 brought the car fast at 3:30 pm towards the police personnel and the home guard. There was already auto checking going on. The dumper driver hit the auto and took it far.

Meanwhile, the woman public guard, Leena Bachu Kharade, who was investigating, died on the spot. Apart from this, police constable Govind and Zeeshan and Ashraf sitting in the auto rickshaw also suffered injuries. In this case, a complaint has been lodged by the woman police constable Jayshree.

He said that the accused was running the dumper very fast. Because of this the accident happened. The police have registered a case against the accused under sections 304 337 and 427 of the IPC. Apart from this, the body of Lok Rakshak Leena was also given a guard of honor after the post-mortem at the Civil Hospital.

We were checking the flour, when a dumper came in the form of death and snatched our partner

Duty was engaged on Bhestan three way at 11 pm on 7th July. I was accompanied by Police Constable Govind, Mahila Lok Rakshak Leena and Home Guards Abid Ahmed Shah, Nilesh Patil, Samadhan Patil, Brijesh Mishra. We were checking all the trains going from Sachin to Udhna and Udhna to Sachin.

At 3:30 pm, two auto rickshaws were standing on the way to Udhna Sachin, 50 meters from our point, for a long time. Both the autos came towards us and on checking them, 2 people were sitting in the back seat in one auto and two people were sitting in the other auto also. Then Leena asked me to call some home guards from the opposite road.

Both were interrogating the auto drivers, when suddenly a dumper driver started coming very fast from Udhna’s side. After this, both the autos parked there hit it from behind. Leena, a lady public guard present on the spot, got buried under an auto rickshaw and fell away when police constable Govind collided with another auto rickshaw.

But the accused did not stop the dumper and dragged the auto rickshaw with him to some distance. Then the home guard Nilesh Party present on the spot started making noise to stop that dumper and ran after him. On the other hand, the rest of the home guards and auto rickshaw drivers got involved in removing the auto that fell on the lady public guard Leena.

Leena had suffered severe head and body injuries and was unable to move at all. Within a short span of time 108 ambulance reached the spot and on examination of Leena declared her dead.

The dumper driver fled after the collision

After hitting, the dumper driver dragged an auto and took it with him. After dragging for about half a kilometer, he himself fled from the spot leaving the dumper. Salim Pathan, the driver sitting in that auto, survived safely.

Leena left two innocent children crying

37-year-old Leena Kharade, a resident of the original Banaskantha, was working in the police department for the last 5 years. She got married 13 years ago. He also has 2 children. Leena’s body was taken to her village Banaskantha for the last rites.

The accused was identified by the license found in the dumper

Pandesara Police Inspector Alpesh Chaudhary said that the accused Sachin was roaming in the GIDC streets after the incident. He had fled leaving his dumper some distance away from the spot. His license was found in the dumper. Thereafter the accused was apprehended.

The accused dumper driver said – I felt that autorickshaws were running

The accused Badiya Mangliya Bhuria, who lives in the chawl of Raju Bhai of Laskana, told that when he was coming after driving the dumper, the two autos that the police had stopped, I thought they were running. The dumper was full of sand. By the time he got closer, it was too late. Had I hit the brakes immediately, the dumper would overturn.

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