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  • Gang Of Life Insurance Agents Have Made More Than 50 Elderly Their Victims Via Illegal Calling Network

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Elders of 70 to 80 years of age are the target of this gang, who are lured by the gang members with false inducements.

  • After the complaint, the police engaged in the investigation of all the cases, all the gang members will soon be in the police custody.

If you are living in tricity then be careful! Here a fraud gang through fake network calling has become active, who are making only senior citizens their victims in the name of life insurance. Many complaint letters have reached the police against them. On the basis of which the police has also started investigation. This gang has made its victim more than 50 people of the tricity.

It is being told that 70 to 80 year olds are on the target of this gang, who are lured by the gang members by giving false inducements. The gang also includes employees working in the life insurance sector, who, as part of a conspiracy, dupe elderly couples by posing as 3 years life insurance for 12 years to lakhs of rupees. By doing this the gangs are also causing huge financial loss to the life insurance companies.

How do you cheat?

The gang members first collect data from the senior citizens of the city. whom they contact through telecallers. Two gang members Puneet and Puneet Arora, local agents visit the senior citizen’s house. Sell ​​them life insurance policies on the basis of false promises and forged company documents. They also make false promises of giving gifts like gold coins, TV sets after the policy is issued.

Once the life insurance policy is issued, we try to keep the elderly person engrossed in talk for 3 years. During this, he could not reach the company office with his complaint in any way, if during this time an elderly person reaches the company office with his complaint, then the senior officer sends him back after misguiding him.

If the matter worsens, then other company joins.

Gang members work in a company only for 3 to 4 years. When their fraud cases increase more, they join another company. But by then they would have taken a hefty commission and salary from the company. When the elder reaches the company to get his policy money back three years or earlier, he comes to know that the policy which was sold to him as 3 years old is a premium payment plan of 10 to 12 years. If the policy is surrendered immediately, they will get the money deducted. One such case came to light with 70-year-old Sarita Khanna, resident of Mansa Devi Complex. Ankush Mittal, Branch Service Manager, Reliance Nippon Line Insurance, has given a written complaint to the police.

The network is spread from Delhi to Amritsar

It should be noted that an official working in the field of life insurance said that the network of Natwarlals selling life insurance on the basis of fake facts is not limited to the tricity. Their network is spread from Delhi to Amritsar. These people cause huge financial loss to the consumers as well as the company. When the company comes to know about their misdeeds, they join another company.

Policemen have also been given training

Let us inform that about 400 policemen have been given basic training about cyber crime for 7 days, so that cyber crime can be cracked down. The number of complaints coming to the cyber cell is increasing rapidly. But the number of cases being settled is very less.

keep these things in mind
– Always opt for cash on delivery payment option in online shopping.

Avoid revealing your OTP to any unknown person.

Always avoid opening unnecessary links.

While shopping online, use the same site which has complete information about it.

In case of fraud, immediately report the matter to the cyber cell and the police.

While buying any life insurance policy, understand that policy completely from the experts.

Cyber ​​cell is very cautious about such matters. Many accused have been arrested in the fraud cases in the past as well. Fraudulent accused entrap people in their nets in new ways every day. For which the team of cyber cell constantly keeps on making the people of the city aware through one or the other medium.

Rashmi Yadav, DSP Cyber ​​Cell

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