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  • 60% Reduction In The Sale Of Tricolor Since Corona, On The First Independence Day, More Than 5 Lakh Small And Big Flags Were Sold, Now Only Up To Two Lakh

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The sale of the tricolor has come down drastically due to the closure of the school.

Due to Corona, the business of flowers and sweets along with the tricolor flag sold on the occasion of Independence Day has also been affected a lot. There has been a 60 percent decrease in the sale of the tricolor. Earlier 5 lakh flags, big or small, were sold, but now only around two lakh are being sold. Where people have stopped buying the tricolor flag, the number of tricolor lying on the streets on the next day of Independence Day i.e. 16th August has also reduced to a great extent.

People associated with the business of tricolor and organizations that are carrying the tricolor scattered on the streets say that due to Corona, there has been a huge reduction in the sale of the tricolor due to the absence of events in public places, the closure of schools from class 6 to 9.

Along with cotton, there is a demand for the tricolor flag of plastic as well.

The reduction in the sale of tricolor made in Surat has come down drastically. Arvind Gadiya, associated with its business, told that earlier 5 lakh flags were sold in the city. But now it has come down to a great extent. Although cotton tricolor is used more, which is not made in Surat, but in the last one and a half years this business has been affected by 60 percent.

Flower sales were also down by 65% ​​on the last Independence Day

Due to Corona, there were no public programs organized on Independence Day last year. This led to a decrease in the sale of flowers used on this day. Rajan, a wholesaler of flowers, said that on the first Independence Day, more than 100 kg of flowers were sold. Most of the demand was in government offices and programs. Due to Corona, the business of flowers on Independence Day has decreased by 65%.

20 thousand tricolors were raised from the streets

Before Corona, every year the next day of Independence Day, the tricolors were scattered on the streets. Various organizations used to raise the tricolor so that they should not be insulted. Chirag Sali of Animal Lover, an organization that raised the tricolor scattered from the streets, told that he, along with his friends, used to raise the tricolor flag scattered in the streets and streets.

Before Kovid, a large number of tricolors were found scattered on the next day of Independence Day. Last time we had collected the tricolor by filling 9 big bags. These would have been estimated to be 20 thousand flags. Last year, flags were not found on the streets.

There has also been a reduction in the sale of sweets by up to 70 percent.

Rohit Mithaiwala of 24 Carat Mithaiwala said that the trade of sweets has come down by 70 percent. Earlier on Independence Day, programs were held in all schools and offices. Public events were also organized. Especially in the schools of handicapped children, sweets used to go more. These events did not happen last year. This year also business is slow due to the effect of Corona.

There was no impact on the event management business

Gaurav Jariwala, Director, Aavasar Events and Entertainment said that there is no harm related to Independence Day from Corona. There will be government programs. If there are programs in the school or society, then they have their own arrangement, so it will not make much difference.

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