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Due to the scarcity of water in the scorching heat in the Aravalli hills, wild animals have started reaching the villages. In summer, especially wild boars are destroying crops by reaching the villages for water. For the last about 15 days, pigs are destroying the crops sown by farmers in villages like Bahalpa, Rithoj, Damdama, Kadarpur etc. Not only this, pigs are also attacking the farmers.

Villagers say that the Wildlife Department should catch these pigs and release them in Aravalli. It has been scorching heat in Gurgaon for the last 10 days. In such a situation, the ponds built in Aravalli have also dried up. Due to which wild animals have started reaching the villages in search of water. Rithoj resident Billu said that the herd of pigs has completely destroyed the jowar crop.

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