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  • Two Robbers Arrested By Jaipur Police After Checking 400 CCTV Footage, They Were Committing Crimes By Putting Fake Number Plates To Pay The Lawyer’s Fees In Lockdown

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Two vicious crooks of inter-state gang arrested at Manakchowk police station in Jaipur.

Jaipur Police has arrested 2 miscreants who looted the passersby by fooling them. On Monday, the police told that both are real brothers. In Rajasthan, including Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh have also committed many incidents. The Crime Branch police of Jaipur Police Commissionerate has handed over the miscreants to Manak Chowk police. Around 400 CCTV footages were scanned to identify them. After that there was success. Digant Anand, DCP (Crime) in Jaipur Police Commissionerate said that Shankar alias Mahesh alias Kalu alias Sandeep and his brother Mukesh alias Kallu alias Mukki alias Ramesh alias Bhukki are residents of Pratap Nagar, Sultanpuri, on the outskirts of Delhi. A luxury car of Delhi number used in the incidents has been recovered from their possession.

fake number plate on car

According to DCP Digant Anand, a total of 22 criminal cases (beating, rape, molestation and Arms Act) are registered against both the brothers. Both of them are history-sheeters of Delhi’s Sultanpuri police station. During interrogation, it has been revealed that there was a lot of debt due to lawyer’s fees and lockdown. To pay them money was needed. That’s why while committing crimes, they put fake number plates on their vehicles. Similarly, mobile sims issued in the name of other persons are used to evade the police at the time of crime.

take off gold bracelets
Additional DCP Sulesh Chaudhary said that on July 10, 2021, Shanti Devi had lodged a report. Said that he was SMS Badi Chaupar reached the Ganesh temple from the silver mint at 11 am to get the corona tested in the hospital. Then two boys came to him chasing him. He stopped Shanti Devi and said that Mother, this boy with me has come from Ajmer. He has to go to Bihar. It has about two-and-a-half lakh rupees. Somebody will kill him. We give it some water at some cost. The rest of the money will be divided amongst themselves. In this way both the miscreants entangled Shanti Devi in ​​things. He was brought on foot to the stairs of the metro station outside Purohit ji’s Katla. After this, taking Shanti Devi as a bluff, took off her gold bracelets and wrapped them in a cloth.

dodge and run

A handkerchief with a gold bracelet was handed over to Shanti Devi with another handkerchief. In this, bangles of lakhs were tied. The miscreants also handed over a pit of fake notes in another cloth to Shanti Devi and said that you keep these two with you. I am leaving it at the station and coming. After that both the miscreants did not return. Then Shanti Devi opened the cloth handkerchief and saw it. Fake notes were kept in one handkerchief and bangles of lakhs were kept in the other. Both the miscreants fled with the bracelet. Then he reached Manakchowk police station and lodged a case. A team of ASI Sunil Kumar, Head Constable Harinarayan Sharma, Manakchowk police constable Deepak, Rohitash, ASI Gyarsilal and other policemen under the leadership of CST in-charge Police Inspector Pannalal disclosed the incidents.

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