Tyga’s announces brand new career move

Tygas announces brand new career move

Tyga shared a joint post on Instagram on Wednesday and announced that he is now working for an online casino company Monkey Tilt as Creative Director.

Monkey Tilt is a new next-gen digital casino operating in 22 states in the United States, which offers an online casino, sports betting and poker platform that affiliate program based on commission sales of services through entertainment products.

As per the press release reviewed by People magazine, Tyga’s work will be product development, client services and live experiences for the digital casino. 

For the upcoming parties in 2024 at Monkey Tilt Tyga will lead them.

As reported by the outlet, Tyga remarked his move risky and stated, “I’m all about pushing boundaries and taking risks. Stepping into the role of creative director at Monkey Tilt, we’re committed to changing the game of online casinos through innovation.”

Tyga also went on to add, “Delivering a true player-first experience, where players should expect more and get more.”

While welcoming Tyga to the digital casino company, the Monkey Tilt CEO Sam Kiki said that Tyga will work to evolve the “boring and lifeless” online casino and “redefine thought leadership in this ecosystem” with the company.

Recently Tyga made a guest appearance to Nicki Minaj’s North American leg of the Pink Friday 2 Tour at Las Vegas earlier this month. In 2023 Tyga was also featured in Cher’s Christmas album. 

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