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  • When The Tourists Of Maharashtra Gujarat Turned Their Backs On Kashmir, The Officials Of The Tourism Department Reached Mumbai To Invite, 24 Lakh Tourists Came To Jammu In Three Months.

MumbaiOne hour agoAuthor Vinod Yadav

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On Wednesday, Jammu and Kashmir tourism officials reached Mumbai and invited people to visit Kashmir.

Annoyed by many local organizations helping anti-government forces in the Kashmir Valley, tourists from Maharashtra and Gujarat have now started avoiding visiting Kashmir. As soon as this was realized, Dr. GN Itoo, Director, Department of Tourism, Kashmir, Vivekananda Rai, Director, Department of Tourism, Jammu and Farooq A. Kuthu, President of the Travel Agents Association of Kashmir (TAAK), on Wednesday called on the Y.B. Inviting the tourists of Maharashtra to visit Jammu and Kashmir by holding a joint press conference at Chavan Center.

24 lakh tourists visited Jammu in 3 months
Vivekananda Rai, Director, Department of Tourism, Jammu, said that since 95 percent of the people have got both vaccinations here. So now tourists have started coming to Jammu. He told that this year 3 lakh tourists visited Jammu in June, 10 lakh in July and 11 lakh in August. Rai said that for the first time in history, on August 15, there was no telephone and mobile service in Jammu and Kashmir. Since Jammu is now a completely safe tourist destination for tourists. So they should come again to visit here on holidays.

Rapid antigen test is being done for those coming without testing
Dr. GN Ittoo, Director, Department of Tourism, Kashmir told that whatever tourist is coming to Kashmir. All kinds of facilities are being provided to him. If a tourist is coming even without a corona test, then a rapid antigen test has been arranged by the government there. So that there is no problem for the tourist.

1.5 lakh tourists came to Kashmir in three months
According to the statistics of the tourism department, 15,254 tourists visited Kashmir in June this year, 48,858 in July and 49,719 in August. It is worth noting that in the domestic tourists visiting Jammu and Kashmir, people from Maharashtra and Bengal are the most. This is the reason that as soon as the corona epidemic came under control, the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department has started attracting domestic tourists from these states.

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