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  • Medical Students Will Give Practical Examination From The Investigation Report, Patients Are Not Being Found In Many Departments

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Veer Narmad South Gujarat University has issued a circular saying that the students of the department in which patients are not being found in medical colleges should be given practical examination through CT scan, X-ray or any other investigation report. This will decide the result of practical exam. Patients are not coming these days in many departments of government hospitals.

According to the university, due to continuous corona for the last two years, the number of patients coming to the civil hospital has decreased. Due to this medical students are not getting the necessary patients for practical. The professors of the medical college had given this information to the university. He said that how to take the exam in such a situation.

Problem in taking the test due to non-availability of patients

University’s Syndicate member and Professor of Civil Hospital Dr. Parul Vadgama told that this problem is arising due to non-availability of patients. Earlier, a large number of patients of various diseases used to come to the Civil Hospital.

This made it easy to take the exam. Now patients of many diseases are not coming to the hospital. This has created a problem how to take the test. The professors had sought exemption from the university not to take the examination according to the patients.

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