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  • The SHO Of Jalandhar Cantt Police Station Was Accused Of Abusing The Shopkeepers After Opening The Shop After 9 Pm, The Inspector Said – I Will Talk In A While

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SHO Ajaib Singh was caught on camera holding the shopkeeper and pushing him out.

Commissionerate Police Station of Jalandhar Cantt SHO Inspector Ajaib Singh is embroiled in controversies. They beat up some shopkeepers when they opened the shop after 9 pm. During this, he was also abused. After the video of this surfaced, now questions are being raised on the way Khaki treats the common people. In the video that surfaced, SHO Ajaib Singh kills the shopkeeper and says that we are your servants. After which many shopkeepers came here, who said that they had been assaulted. Talking to some media personnel in this matter, the inspector definitely said that he was doing corona duty. However, he denied the incident of rioting with the shopkeepers.

Shopkeeper Sanjay Mehta

Shopkeeper Sanjay Mehta

The words of the shopkeeper … took me by slapping, kept abusing me

Shopkeeper Sanjay Mehta said that the gate was knocked at 9.7 pm. I was washing dishes at that time. When I opened the gate outside SHO Ajaib Singh was standing. As soon as he came, he asked what are you doing? I told them that we have permission for home delivery till 9 o’clock, so now we are washing the dishes and closing them. There were no customers there and I was not giving goods to anyone. He took me by slapping and abusing me. I want to ask why we were beaten up. I have a hand injury and hit in the chest. My brain kept hurting for a long time at night. I was very nervous when I went home.

Were going home after closing the shop, made me sit in a gypsy

The rest of the shopkeepers of Jalandhar Cantt Chowpatty, Prem Kumar Gupta, Pradeep Kumar and Rajkumar also said that when we were going to close the shop, they were caught. After this he was put in a gypsy. He said that his time is till 9 o’clock, now he is going home after closing the shop but he did not listen to anything. After that they were released.

SHO said – I will talk in a while, Question: If it was wrong then why did not register the case?

SHO Inspector Ajaib Singh of Thana Cantt was talked about this, after hearing the question, he said that he is sitting somewhere and talks about it in a while. The big question is that if the shopkeepers were wrong, why were they not arrested by registering a case against them? Why did you leave them after a while?

Will investigate if complaint comes: ADCP

About this ADCP Ashwini Kumar said that no complaint has come to him in this regard. If anyone complains, then action will be taken after investigating it.

Navdeep Singh was caught on camera kicking the vegetable basket during Corona duty

Navdeep Singh was caught on camera kicking the vegetable basket during Corona duty

Action taken on SHO in Phagwara

Earlier in Phagwara also one SHO Action has been taken against Inspector Navdeep Singh for adopting similar unprofessional attitude. He had kicked a basket full of vegetables during corona duty. After this video went viral DGP He was suspended on the orders of Dinkar Gupta.

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