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The newborn child died in Dr Rajendra Prasad Tanda Medical College (TMC). The attendants allege that no senior doctor even came to the labor room to see his wife and child. Thakur Neeraj Rana told that he admitted his wife for delivery at Tanda Hospital on 5 August. At 11 pm, his wife started having labor pains. After this his wife was taken twice in the night for delivery in the labor room.

The staff kept his wife there and sent it to the rest of the family members and said – they are not feeling the pain right now. His wife was in pain. The nurses took his wife to the labor room again at 9.30 the next day due to severe pain. At 1.30, her husband was called inside and his wife was vaccinated. At 4 pm again a woman from his family was called.

He asked the pregnant woman to insist. While the woman was not feeling pain due to the vaccination. After that the child was pulled out by the trainee doctor with the help of tools. He had a boy. Then in the ICU ward, the doctor told him that the condition of the child is very bad and it is difficult to survive. He saw that a big cut mark was seen on the child’s head. A lot of blood had also come out. Then the doctor put about 7-8 stitches on the child’s head. His child did not survive.

Principal Dr Bhanu Awasthi said that on the basis of the complaint, orders have been issued for investigation to MS Tanda. Investigation is going on. Now it is to be ascertained from where and from whom the negligence in this matter has happened.

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