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Dharamshala Municipal Corporation’s XEN Satnam Singh was suspended on Wednesday. Satnam is accused of misbehaving when the deputy mayor and ward councilor complained to the corporation administration about the illegal construction being done on the way to the crematorium in Ward 17. The Deputy Mayor and Ward Councilor had complained to the CM, on which the Urban Development Department took action.

During the suspension, Satnam has been transferred to the office of Chief Engineer PWD North Dharamsala. After the rain in the area on July 12, the administration had issued notices to illegal builders and passed orders to remove these constructions. The deputy mayor and ward councilor were demanding action from the municipal administration regarding these matters.

Illegal construction was taking place on the way to the crematorium in Ward No. 17 of the Municipal Corporation, which was complained by the Councilor of Ward No. 17, Dimple. For this, the municipal administration had scheduled an inspection of the spot. In front of Mayor Omkar Naihariya, Commissioner Pradeep Thakur, XEN Satnam Singh of the Municipal Corporation misbehaved with me and the councilor. Whereas no order was passed to the illegal builder. The administration had earlier issued notices to the illegal builder but even after that unauthorized construction was done along the way to the cremation ground. Earlier, the complaint of this matter was made during the CM’s stay in Dharamshala under the leadership of MLA Vishal Nahariya. (As complained by Deputy Mayor Sarv Chand.)

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