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  • Allot 6 Thousand Doses Of Vaccine, One Thousand Doses Reached Late In The Evening, Today It Will Be Taken Only In 7 Work Stations

Ranchi4 hours ago

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  • Vaccines were sent to the capital from many districts of the state…which will be available by tomorrow

Vaccination was completely affected in the capital on Thursday. Due to lack of adequate dosage in the district, only 348 people could get vaccinated. Of these, 120 got the first dose and 228 got the second dose. The condition of vaccination will remain the same on Friday as well. Because even after allotting six thousand doses to the district, only one thousand doses reached till late Thursday evening. DRCHO Dr. Shashi Bhushan said that on Friday 1000 doses will be taken in only seven centers. These will be only work stations, so people outside the institute will not be able to get the vaccine.

Once the vaccine is supplied, the speed of vaccination can increase. Let us inform that 6 thousand doses have been made available to Ranchi from different districts. These have 3250 Covishield and 2750 Covaccine doses. One thousand have been made available from Dumka, 750 from Palamu and 1500 from Sahibganj. At the same time, two thousand doses of vaccine have been provided from Dumka and 750 from Palamu.

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