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The Vice Chancellor met the students to know the problems.

  • 7 students from Afghanistan are studying in VNSGU, worried about all the families

After the occupation of the extremist organization Taliban in Afghanistan, the concerns of Afghan students studying at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Surat have increased. They are afraid of how their further studies will be completed. At the same time, he is also worried about how his family will be in Afghanistan. In order to find a solution to their problems, the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University administration has spoken to the students and assured them that all possible help will be given to them, so that their studies are not affected.

Please tell that 7 students from Afghanistan are studying in different colleges of VNSGU. The difficulty of the students is that in view of the situation in their country, there may be financial problems for further studies. Because even their family members are not able to be contacted. Vice Chancellor Kishore Chavda says that he has spoken to MP CR Patil. He has assured that many donors have been entrusted with the responsibility of the students. Apart from this, a complete list of how much more will be spent on these students will be made.

On the basis of that, the issue will be kept in the syndicate and it will be passed. Chavda said that the university will bear the full cost of these students till their problem related to Afghanistan is resolved. The university administration has also said that students who have not been able to contact their parents or family members directly or have any problem, they are also trying to get them to talk to their family members by contacting the Ministry of External Affairs. So that it can be clear that everyone in the family of the students living here is safe.

Students say – Our family members from Afghanistan should also be allowed to come to India
Afghan students said that it has been told by the university that in view of the situation in Afghanistan, they do not need to worry in any way. He has assured full help. But, looking at the situation in the country, now I am not feeling inclined to study. So he wants to meet his family as soon as possible, but there he is in danger. That is why he wants his family members to come here, for this also he has talked to the Government of India and the university administration.

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