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A luxury car travelling on the Delhi-Jaipur highway experienced a sudden fire, prompting its occupant to swiftly exit the vehicle, officials reported. According to PTI report, the incident occurred around 12:20 pm opposite the government polytechnic college in Manesar. The car, identified as a Jaguar and owned by a resident of Badshahpur, caught fire while en route from Delhi to Jaipur.
Upon noticing smoke emerging from the car’s engine, the owner promptly pulled over to the roadside.As he exited the vehicle, it erupted in flames, according to the police officials.

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Authorities, including traffic police and a fire tender, were notified and responded to the scene. They successfully extinguished the fire, although the car had already been reduced to ashes and debris by that time, as confirmed by traffic police official Ravinder.
The car fire incident in Gurugram temporarily slowed down traffic on the highway until the remnants of the burnt car were cleared from the road.
This marks the second such occurrence in Gurugram within two days. A similar incident took place on Monday afternoon near the IFFCO chowk on the Delhi-Jaipur highway, where a moving car caught fire. Fortunately, the occupants narrowly escaped, but the vehicle was completely consumed by the blaze.

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