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In order to provide relief from the shortage of drinking water during the summer season, the city council had started the work of installing 7 tubewells in the city at a cost of about 2.10 crores. Out of which there are 3 tubewells which are waiting for electricity connection while one tubewall is such which has been left after boring.

Due to the increasing problem of drinking water, these bore tubewells have not brought any kind of relief to the people. People say that if they are repaired only after the heat has gone or if the motor is put in them and started, then it will not be of any use. All the tubewells should be made operational day and night and drinking water should be provided to the people.

From Dashmesh Nagar, Fauji Kaloni, Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar to the adjoining areas of the city, water is supplied from the tubewells of Mander Nagar. The water stream of this tubewell is so big that people are not getting enough drinking water. Water comes only once, if it is cut many times, then the water ends for 24 hours.

A new tubewell has been installed in Aman City to meet this area. People Amrik Singh, Satyam, Sonu Aadi told that this tubeval has been left boring for a long time. If it is made operational, then the supply of drinking water in Dashmesh Nagar, Fauji Kaloni and Aman City areas will get a big relief.

Regarding the supply of drinking water in this area, the situation is that where the government claims to provide three times water. The Punjab government repeatedly says that people will not be allowed to face the problem of electricity and water.

Pawan Kumar Sharma, resident of Fauji Kaloni said that the situation is that there is no fixed time for drinking water here. Water comes once in day and night, no one knows when it will come. You have to open the tap again and again.

The work has been given to the Water Supply and Sewer Board to install 7 tubewells in the city. Work is affected at many places. He has been asked to complete it. Where there is a problem, it will be removed.
Sangeet Kumar Walia, EO Municipal Council Kharar

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