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Virbhadra Singh addressing an election meeting in Subathu, Solan in 1990 as CM.

  • Virbhadra Singh won in 2017, now a section of Congress is in favor of fielding his wife from here.

The entire state is in mourning due to the death of Virbhadra Singh, who is considered the leader of Himachal’s politics and six-time Chief Minister, but the people of Arki area of ​​Solan district have been deeply hurt by it. He was the MLA of Arki and the people here wanted to see him become the Chief Minister for the seventh time.

This wish of the people may not be fulfilled now, but a section of Arki Congress is already engaged in preparing the ground for getting his family member to contest the next election from here. If there will be a by-election here in the coming days, then Pratibha Singh’s name will also be included in it along with many Congress leaders. It is not that Arki is a safe seat for Congress. In the assembly elections held so far, the Congress and the BJP have an equal hold on this seat.

Arki constituency of Solan district had become the center of attraction in the 2017 assembly elections, due to the fact that Virbhadra Singh, the tree-tree of Himachal politics, was in the electoral fray from here. He had once again changed his assembly seat and this time he came out of his district i.e. Shimla in Solan district.

Here, there were already several factions in the Arki Congress. With the then Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh contesting from here, the ticket fight ended in the same way, with all the Congressmen united for Virbhadra Singh. It was Virbhadra Singh’s grip on the public that despite not spending time in his constituency, he managed to win by more than six thousand votes.

Recently, when there were reports of him not contesting the next assembly election, seeing the reaction and sentiments of the people, he again agreed to serve the public. Shimla, Solan, Sirmaur and Kinnaur districts of Himachal have been strongholds of the Congress, but in Arki there has always been a tough fight between the Congress and the BJP.

Here BJP and Congress have been almost on par. The biggest reason for this is the big split between the Congress. Whenever Congress is in a position to win, it is revolted and turned into defeat. Leaving aside the last election, the reason for the defeat due to rebellion will be clear.

If Virbhadra Singh is no more, now the politics here is about to take a new turn.

Now if he is not there then the politics here is going to take a new turn. The BJP had won here in consecutive elections in 2007 and 2012. Govind Ram Sharma was elected MLA both times. In 2012, Sanjay Awasthi of Congress gave him a good fight, but could not succeed in winning due to the rebellion of Congress.

While the rebel Congress candidate took around 10 thousand votes. In the 2017 election, BJP fielded Ratan Singh Pal after cutting the ticket of Govind Ram, but he lost the election to Virbhadra Singh. His ticket is believed to be confirmed in the next assembly elections as well, although here BJP leaders including Govind Ram, Amar Singh Thakur, Surendra Thakur, Asha Parihar can be contenders for other tickets.

On the other hand, due to the absence of Virbhadra Singh, the game of leg-pulling will start in the Congress again. However, a powerful faction here is in favor of making Pratibha Singh the candidate. Apart from this, Sanjay Awasthi, Rajendra Thakur, Zainab Chandel, Sushil Thakur and others can also be contenders for the ticket.

Till now which party has been MLA from Arki assembly

  • 1967 Hira Singh Pal Independent
  • 1972 Hira Singh Lokraj Party
  • 1977 Nagin Chandra Janata Party
  • 1982 Nagin Chandra BJP
  • 1985 Hira Singh Pal Congress
  • 1990 Nagin Chandra Pal BJP
  • 1993 Dharampal Thakur Congress
  • 1998 Dharampal Thakur Congress
  • 2003 Dharampal Thakur Congress
  • 2007 Govindram Sharma BJP
  • 2012 Govindram Sharma BJP
  • 2017 Virbhadra Singh Congress
  • Now who will win the by-election, only time will tell.

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