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  • It Is Better For The Meteorological Department To Remain Silent Because Of Such Wrong Announcements Of Monsoon.

ChandigarhOne hour ago

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Paddy field lying dry without water near Laldu.

  • The weather department had said – there will be relief from the heat on Friday, but got strong sunlight and humidity
  • Monsoon was announced on June 13, but after that the city remained dry.

All the forecasts made so far have not proved to be accurate since the onset of monsoon of the Messam Department. Clouds come, but they are leaving without rain. The Mass Department had expressed the possibility of relief for 8 and 9, but no relief was received.

On Friday also the scorching sun and humidity disturbed. The maximum temperature of the day was recorded at 36.8 degrees on Friday, which was two degrees above normal. The minimum temperature on Thursday night was recorded at 28.6 degrees Celsius, which was four degrees above normal. At the same time, the moisture content in the air was 62 percent.

Now the Mess Department has claimed that the monsoon will be active within the next 24 hours. But looking at Massam’s stance, this forecast does not look accurate. According to the department, a low pressure area is developing in the Bay of Bengal. With the help of this, the east winds will bring moisture with them, due to which there is a possibility of rain with strong winds.

further claim so

  • Saturday: Partly cloudy sky. The maximum temperature can be 37 and the minimum temperature is 29 degrees.
  • Sunday: Cloudy days. There is a chance of rain with strong winds. The maximum temperature of the day can be 33 and the minimum temperature can be 30 degrees.
  • Monday: It may be cloudy. There is a possibility of rain. The maximum temperature of the day can be 32 and the minimum temperature is 28 degrees.

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